VR Lands

What can I do with VR land?

On VR land you can build absolutely anything (house, gallery, school, business, advertising billboards) or you can use your land for resources and use it to earn VR tokens. You can even rent it to other users. You will be also able to sell them at any time.

When will be a VR Lands Auction?

VR Lands Auction is planned for Q4 2021. We will keep you informed of all news and information related to it on an ongoing basis.

How can I buy VR land?

There are two main ways:
1) You can buy land directly with VR tokens in the land auction.
2) You can buy VR land and pay them by reward from staking. So, you have both VR Tokens and VR land.

How much will VR land cost?

There will be two main types of land.

1) Very small plots of land that will be very cheap. These plots will be primarily for players who will be able to use them to extract resources – and thus earn tokens even during their absence from the game, build a warehouse where you will be able to store your materials and things; build teleports to your minigames and quests or other virtual worlds and realities. The price of one such plot will be $500–2000 which you will be able to earn by just playing in Victoria VR.

2) Very lucrative land near the city. There will be an extremely limited supply of these. Individual plots of this type will be sold at auction. It will work like in our real-world – land right in the centre or in other most lucrative places will be more expensive than land on the outskirts of the city. The cost will also depend on many factors (location, size, in which sector it is, how far it is from the centre, city or resources).