Our Vision

Welcome to Victoria VR

Where your Imagination is the only limitation

Our imagination is much larger than the world we live in. But the world we live in is limited. We are limited by laws, our human body, physics and time.

Victoria VR world with no limitations, where none of this applies, where you can be who you wish to be and make your dreams come true.

Our vision is for users to:

  • Materialize their craziest ideas or most secret wishes.
  • Experience their greatest life desires.
  • Be able to share everything with everyone.
  • Have unlimited possibilities (when working, creating, discovering, and trading).
  • Enjoy every moment and keep coming back.

Virtual reality will soon replace television, cinema, business, communication, education, entertainment and even Internet search. Our vision for Victoria VR is to create a world where…

  • You don’t have to travel back and forth for an hour every day to get to school or work.
  • You don’t have to fly across the continent for an in person meeting.
  • You can visit the Moon without a space shuttle.
  • You can jump ten meters or fly free as a bird.
  • You can be anything you want to be.
  • No one can dictate the opening hours of your business, where no one can shut your business, where no one can take it away from you, where there is no lockdown.