Partner Integrations

Best-in-Class Partner Integrations - Leveraging the latest technology innovations for a future proof world

We have selected best-in-class technology partners to work with so we could bring Victoria VR to life.

From the underlying algorithms and tech infrastructure through to our hardware partners, we do not make any compromises as far as the creation of the best future proofed metaverse is concerned.

Key Highlights

  • Best in class partnerships for underlying technologies providing an unrivalled experience 
  • Built on Unreal Engine 
  • Full Metahuman integration 
  • Future proofed technology 
  • Easily integrate a portal between other virtual worlds

Welcome to MetaHumans

Using cutting edge technology from Unreal Engine, we have been able to create life-like 3D avatars never seen before in any other VR world experience.

  • Create your own realistic avatar with the most detailed customization ever
  • Billions of combinations
  • All avatars can express emotions and with various animations can show your mood or reactions