The Big Market VR

Securely Trade Digital Assets and NFT’s

Since the existence of every civilization the marketplace has been its heart.

The Big Market VR will allow its users to trade securely continuously the world items such as wearables and NFT’s.

It will build a new business environment for various private entrepreneurs and people will be allowed to create and sell digital products and services. The VR tokens can either be spent in the game or exchanged for Fiat.

Find anything you wish during your virtual reality to enhance your VR experience. If you miss what is not offered in VR feel free to either create it or ask your counterparts to do so.

Key Highlights

  • Trade anything securely
  • Buy new items to wear or to furnish your world
  • Request new items from creators 
  • Auctions
  • The marketplace will also be available in a web browser and mobile application

The Big Market VR is an NFT Paradise – a decentralized marketplace operating on smart contracts, allowing the secure trading of NFT’s.

Poised to become the largest blockchain asset exchange (NFT), The Big Market VR is a place where you can experience items before purchase, negotiate the best price and securely pay for goods, services and property. In The Big Market VR, citizens will be able to trade Land, Objects, Resources, XPs (Experiences) and other objects from other worlds.

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