Tokenomics and The VR Economy

The VR Token is the currency of Victoria VR

Users will be able to use their VR Tokens to buy:

• Staking
• Buying VR Lands
• Buying all assets (items, buildings, resources, wearables, services, tickets, courses, art)
• Advertisements
• Transport
• Leasing
• And other Extras

Key Highlights

  • A token with real utility 
  • Passionate community who share our vision
  • Proven and Well-Tried VR Platform for Future Generations 
  • First Class development team
  • Strategic business partnerships 
  • Limited number of tokens 16.8b 

Virtual Revolution Staking 

Virtual Revolution Staking is our way to generously reward our committed Victoria VR Supporters who want to be part of the Virtual Revolution! 

VR Stakers will be rewarded in multiple ways:

  • Monthly Rewards
  • Dynamic APY
  • VR Land whitelisting (VR Land Tickets) 
  • Mystery Airdrops
  • DAO participation

Virtual Revolution Staking will fairly redistribute rewards to users who trust and support our project.

Victoria VR will be a self-sustainable economy where Creators, Users and Investors are fairly rewarded for:

You will be able to get VR tokens by:


  • From our limited Token Sale
  • On an Exchange (out/in-game)


  • Items they have created
  • Items in The Big Market VR


  • Golden Tickets
  • Virtual Revolution Staking


  • Completing Quests
  • Exploring the World
  • REAL Airdrops
  • Competitions
  • Votes
  • Reviews

The rewards of VR will motivate the community to create the most appealing and entertaining and desirable content including games, applications, or lectures as quickly as possible.