Acquire your own piece of digital real estate

VR Lands are registered on the blockchain as NFT’s.

There will be a limited amount of pre-defined VR Lands available, which can be purchased and minted either through a VR Lands Sale or from another player.

The owners of the VR Land have absolute power over their VR Land and what they choose to do with it.

VR Lands can be used:

· For the construction of:

  • Utility buildings directly in the game (mines, warehouses, etc.)
  • Buildings for presentation (shops/stores, showrooms, etc.)
  • Private buildings (clubhouses, private enterprises, etc.)
  • A port to another world, game, or virtual reality

· To trade

· Rent with others

By purchasing VR Land you also receive the following bonuses:

  • Building
  • Mining Bonuses
  • Modifiers (for mining)
  • Mystery Boxes

The bonus will depend on what type and tier of VR Land you buy.