What is Victoria VR?

A World of Entertainment, Discovery and Learning

From playing games with your friends, going shopping, relaxing on the beach, or completing a University degree, the World of Victoria VR will give you an opportunity to become who you wish to be and make your dreams come true. 

All our commercial partners, both the established and the new, will experience the richness and diversity of the Victoria VR world – a great place to work, play and rest.

The world is designed to entertain and reward users, encourage activity and engagement by giving rewards for completing quests and exploring the stunning open world.

The Victoria VR Metaverse is where people will be free to go for:

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Shopping
  • Business
  • Trade
  • Events
  • Leisure Activities

Discover the unlimited opportunities of your new life in Victoria VR.

Explore the streets, convention centres and shopping malls of the city or take a break in the stunning mountains and enjoy the wildlife. Our revolutionary algorithmic quest system is designed to combine opportunities with real and parallel worlds.